NEGATIVE !!! NEVER let anyone tell you what to FEELBELIVE in what you wantSHIP whomever you like and most importantly KEEP THE FAITH !!! If you want to ship Yunjae❤️ DO IT ….if any of you want to wear red panties with green polkadots DO IT! It’s your life, your choices and your Heart ! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH  in whatever you feel like ! ~boojae (^_-)

This is so beautiful (●´∀`●) 
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8/8/2014 ‘Peace’ V (by xris_mas IG)



Park Yuchun, “I want to do an acting project with Kim Jaejoong”

During an interview with MBN took place on the, 7th Park Yuchun said he wants to do an acting project with Kim Jaejoong. He added, “If I do an acting project with Kim Jaejoong, I want to take the supporting role.”

"I want…